Berea College does not offer an engineering major, but many Berea graduates enjoy rewarding careers in engineering, applied science, and technical management. Successful engineers need to be able to communicate effectively, reason logically, and understand both the technical and the social dimensions of a problem. Berea offers opportunities to acquire a strong grounding in science and mathematics, while also studying broadly in the humanities and social sciences. This well-rounded liberal arts education enables Berea graduates to succeed in engineering graduate study and in their careers.

A prospective engineer should major in one of the sciences and should plan to study at an engineering school after Berea. Berea students usually choose one of two routes to an engineering career:

The 3-2 engineering Program

Dual Degree Program in Liberal Arts and Engineering

A route to an engineering career is the dual degree program in Liberal Arts and Engineering, also known as the 3-2 program. A student can study at Berea for 3 years and then transfer to a cooperating University for 2 years of engineering study. At the end of five years, the student receives both a B.A. from Berea and a B.S. in engineering from the cooperating university.

Please note that a 3-2 student must complete the Berea distribution requirements and a Berea major, as well as take several prerequisite courses. Careful planning is necessary to complete all of these requirements in three years.

B.A. in the Sciences, then Grad School

The most common route is to complete a B.A. at Berea in the normal four years, majoring in one of the sciences (usually physics, chemistry, computer science, or mathematics). Afterward the student goes to a graduate school for a master's degree or doctorate in engineering. Our experience is that many of the best engineering graduate programs are eager to accept Berea students who have strong records in science courses. Graduate programs Berea students have attended in recent years.