Kentucky Academy of Science

Berea College is an enhanced affiliate of the Kentucky academy of science. The objectives of the Academy is to encourage scientific research and to promote the diffusion of scientific knowledge. Every year, we attend the annual meeting of the Kentucky Academy of Science. We encourage you to attend.

A list of the most recent projects carried out by physics students that have been presented at the Kentucky Academy of Science.

Year Research Project
2013 Analyzing topological defects in disordered charge density waves in transition-metal dichalcogenides. Danielle C. Schaper - Berea College, Kyle McElroy - University of Colorado
  Laser ablation of Boron Crystals Mixed with Carbon. Mackenzie Endres, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Creating a Cooling Chamber to Reduce Noise on a CCD Chip in a DSLR Camera. Antonio Bill and Tracy Hodge - Berea College
  Synthesis and exploration of Half-Metallic Heusler Alloys. Kyle Godbey, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Development of Low Cost, Efficient CZTS Thin Films and Solar Cells. Denzell Barnett - Berea College, Diedra Hdoges - Southern Polytechnic State University
  Implementation of New DSLR Camera at the Berea College Observatory for Use in Variable Star Observations. Preston Tucker, Tracy Hodge - Berea College
  Equivalent Dosage from Neutron Radiation Produced by Deuterium-Palladium Plasma in the NTF Zebra Chamber, Brandon Schurter - Berea College, Tom Kvale, Rick Irving - University of Toledo, Erik McKee, Tim Darling - Nevada Terawatt Facility
  Bistable pneumatic actuators for soft robotics. Fidel Tewolde - Berea College, Cindy Harnett, University of Louisville
2012 Purification of Membrane Scaffold Proteins and Binding of Lipids by the C99 Domain of the Amyloid Precursor Protein , Tommy Boykin, Joseph Ellis, Katie Armstrong, John Chen, Arina Hadziselimovic, Charles Sanders - Vanderbilt University
  Evolution of a compact CCD-based high resolution autocollimator for use as slope sensor , Rohan Isaac and Lahsen Assoufid, Argonne National Laboratory
  Simulation of SAVI (Strut Adjusted Volumetric Implant) Brachytherapy Treatment , Mackenzie Endres and David Pearson - University of Toledo
  Theoretical Study of Diproton Emission, Marissa Brown, Witols Nazarewicz, Noah Birge, Erik Olsen and Alexander Perhac - University of Tennessee
2011 Synthesis and Characterization of Copper-Based Superconductors, Tommy Boykin and Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Synthesis and Characterization of Half-Metallic Heusler Alloys, Rohan Isaac and Amer Lahamer, Berea College
  Laser Ablation of Boron, Nitrogen, and Carbon, Marissa Brown, Mackenzie Endres and Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Ground State Energies and Isomer Configurations of Nanoclusters , James Perugia, Fidel Tewolde and Martin Veillette - Berea College
  The Identification of Few Layer Graphene and the Growth of Nanoribbons on Silicon Nitride Substrate, Chris Yaluma and Douglas Strachan - University of Kentucky
  The Effects of the Addition of SrCl2 and HoF3 on Photo Luminescent Z-BLAN Glass , Hodari-Sadiki James and Jacqueline A. Johnson - University of Tennessee Space Institute
  Densities and Compressibilities of Chiral Molecules in the Liquid State , Imelda Hot and Amer Lahamer - Berea College
2010 Laser Ablation of Solids in Liquid Environment, Tyler Vanover, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
Quench localization in Superconducting Radio-Frequency Cavities , Ramesh Adhikari, Berea College and Fermilab
BCS to BEC crossover in a rotating fermionic gas, William D. Norris, Martin Veillette - Berea College
Copper-based Superconductors, Tommy Boykin, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
Synthesis of Iron-Germanium, Rohan Isaac, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
The Optical Reflectivity of Graphene, Christopher B. Yaluma, Douglas Strachan - University of Kentucky
Establishing Density Profile of Ultra-Cooled Gas in a Harmonic Potential, Justin McGlothlin, Martin Veillette - Berea College
Infrared Reduction Analysis and Photometry, Rita Yalda, Damika Jones, Tracy Hodge - Berea College
2009 A Study of Ultra-Cold Atoms in the Strongly Interacting Regime, Brandon Brown, Martin Veillette - Berea College
  Magnetic Shielding for Neutron EDM Experiments, Ramesh Adhikari, Berea College
  The Transitions between the Normal, Superfluid, and FFLO states in a Fermi gas, William D. Norris, Martin Veillette - Berea College
  A re-examination of mid-infrared ISOCAM images of HII regions in M33, Emily Worinkeng, Hodari-Sadiki James, Tracy Hodge - Berea College
  Etching of Single layer Graphene, Jimmy Rop - Berea College
  Measuring Coronal Magnetic Twist Injected by Photospheric Rotation, Mohammed Humed Yusuf - Berea College
  Mid-Infrared Observations of IC133, Hodari-Sadiki James, Emily Worinkeng, Tracy Hodge - Berea College
2008 Study of the period of variable star at Berea College Observatory, Ramesh Adhikari, Jimmy Rop, William Cole and Tracy Hodge - Berea College
  Investigating the Plausibility of Blue Straggler Production without Cluster Dynamics: A Binary Evolution Only Approach, Matthew Bailey - Berea College, Robert D. Mathieu and Aaron M. Geller - Department of Astrophysics, University of Wisconsin, Tracy M Hodge - Berea College
  Laser Ablation of Diamond, William D. Norris, David Gilmour and Amer Lahamer - Berea College, R. E. Haufler - MDS Analytical Technologies
  Numerical Simulations On Disordered Classical Spin Systems, Brandon Brown, Brad Steele and Martin Veillette - Berea College
  Investigation of AGN Variability in the Optical Regime, Diana Gudkova - Berea College, H. Richard Miller and Wesley Thomas Ryle - Georgia State University, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Variable Star Research at Berea College Observatory During the Summer of 2008, William Cole, Ramesh Adhikari, Jimmy Rop and Tracy Hodge - Berea College
2007 Prospects for LISA to Detect the Christodoulou Memory of Gravitational Waves, Shiblee Ratan Barua - Berea College, Daniel Kennefick - University of Arkansas, Amer Lahamer - Berea College
  Effect of Doping Novel Thin Film Sb2Te Phase-Change Material on its Optical and Switching Time Property, Kannatassen Appavoo - Berea College, Robert M. Shelby, Simone Raoux and Delia Milliron - IBM Almaden Research Center
  Laser Ablation of Graphite at Berea, David Gilmour, Bradley Steele and Amer Lahamer - Berea College
2006 First Light at the Renovated Berea College Observatory, Mohammed Yusuf, Bryan Gover and Tracy Hodge - Berea College
  Calculation of Conductivity of Thin Wires Using Boltzmann Transport Equation, Kannatassen Appavoo and Kingshuk Majumdar - Berea College
  Half Metals, Patrick Mono and, A. S. Lahamer - Berea College
2005 A study of optical rotation and linear polarization , Michaela Conley and Amer S. Lahamer - Berea College